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Get the Spa Treatment (Literally) at Little Arrow!


Get the Spa Treatment (Literally) at Little Arrow!


We love forming local partnerships to bring the best to our guests, from food trucks to arts and crafts classes and even Sunday morning church services. This month at Little Arrow we’ve added something that has us all ready to relax: outdoor massages, manicures, and pedicures offered by TactionRx, a group massage therapy practice founded by an award-winning team of former Blackberry Farm therapists.

We caught up with Amy Tankersley, TactionRx owner and licensed massage and yoga therapist, to discuss this exciting new development for our Little Arrow campers and glampers!


LAOR: Hi Amy! We’re so ready to experience the relaxing benefits of your massage and nail services. How did you get connected with Little Arrow?


Amy: I met Cassie Simpher, Little Arrow’s Director of Marketing and Operations, at a Thai Day Friday event that TactionRx hosted at the Sky City Entrepreneur Center in Maryville, Tennessee. At these gatherings we teach Thai Massage – low-intensity stretches, massage, and yoga-based poses – that can be performed between partners. Cassie brought her grandmother! I absolutely loved watching them work together as a team that evening.


LAOR: Tell us a little bit about your background and the story behind what you do.


Amy: After working in the financial industry for over 20 years as a CPA specializing in healthcare taxation, operations, and consulting, I knew firsthand the toll that stress can take on your health and wellbeing. In recovering from cancer, I discovered the real and profound health benefits of mind-body practices, such as massage and yoga.


At the encouragement of my very dear friend Dan (who is now my husband!) I became a Board Certified Massage Therapist and began a fulfilling new career in private practice. I provided yoga, meditation and massage at The Wellhouse at Blackberry Farm, and launched a spa in North Carolina before being called home to the Smoky Mountains. Today, my team at TactionRx and I find a great sense of purpose and satisfaction helping others feel better on their journey in body, mind, and spirit through the incredible healing power of human touch!


LAOR: You and your team perform your services right here at Little Arrow in the great outdoors. What are the health benefits of this environment?


Amy: I think in our virtual world, we can all too easily get disconnected from nature and our roots. Studies from the Journal of Aging and Health show many benefits to being outdoors including reduced stress and lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety, improved focus, and even graceful aging. Massage is a natural form of healthcare and stress reduction, relieving physical, mental and emotional tension. Practicing massage outdoors combines the benefits of Mother Nature and bodywork for a truly authentic and organic wellness experience. 


LAOR: And now the fun part: Tell us what TactionRx is offering to our guests!


Amy: As a matter of fact, we’re holding two Thai Day Fridays on October 1st and 8th at Little Arrow’s Lookout Pavilion! And we have over a dozen massage, manicure and pedicure services offered year-round, weather-permitting, at either the Massage Mezzanine or by the scenic Little River. We’ve made it easy to explore all of the services and conveniently book online. Helping guests slow down, unwind, and relax so that they can enjoy it all while they’re here is an important part of their Little Arrow experience.


LAOR: Thanks, Amy. We’re excited to have you and the TactionRx team at Little Arrow!


Amy: Thank you! This may sound incredibly hokie, but I genuinely feel like I have found my tribe in Little Arrow! My team and I are looking forward to meeting your guests and helping them feel terrific. Little Arrow is such an outdoor oasis for experiencing all that brings meaning to life… food, family, friends, fellowship, and fun.

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