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Pet Information


Pet Information

Pet Information, Dog Park, & Dog Sitting at Little Arrow


We love dogs at Little Arrow and even offer pet-friendly accommodations so you can bring your furry kid on vacation with you! Please view some basic guidelines before bringing your pet to Little Arrow:

  • Not all of our units are pet friendly, we have a few of each type that we have designated as “pet friendly”. So if you book online and want to bring your pet, please make sure you are booking a pet friendly unit.
  • Only two (2) dogs are allowed per RV Site, Cabins, Glamping Tents and Tiny Homes
  • Additional charge of $10 a night per pet in our Cabin and Glamping Tent accommodations
  • Additional charge of $20 a night per pet in our Tiny Home and Vacation Home accommodations 
  • Pets are not allowed in our Airstreams
  • Pets left unattended must be put in a crate! If you leave them unattended in an accommodation and they ruin, scratch, bite, tear up, etc., you will be responsible for paying for any and all damages
  • Pets must be on a leash anytime they are outside. Please do not leash your pet to your vehicle
  • Please pick up after your pet, we even have poop bag stations across the campground for your use


If you are bringing your pet to come stay with us, you must fill out our Pet Waiver below


Your pets will love our new dog park! Time for some off-leash fun, but before coming in to the dog park, please be sure to follow some basic dog park etiquette:

  • Pick up after your dog
  • Know your dog’s social comfort level 
  • Always be aware of your dog’s behavior
  • Mind the doggie gate
  • Have fun!


We also offer dog-sitting! Taking a day adventure but can’t bring your dog? Don’t worry! Our staff at Little Arrow will make drop-in visits to let your dog out while you are away for only $35/day per dog. If you are interested in dog-sitting please give us a call or send us an email to make sure we are available!  

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