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Meet Little Arrow’s Campers! The Coyes


Meet Little Arrow’s Campers! The Coyes


Here at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort, we’re all about our beautiful location in Townsend, Tennessee, right at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We’re proud of our many indoor and outdoor amenities, the fact that we serve campers and glampers alike, and that we’re constantly growing and improving. But the real reason we’re here… the tinder that lights our campfire… is our guests. We sat down with one of our favorite camping couples, Floyd and Rhonda Coye from Port Allen, Louisiana, to learn more about their Little Arrow story. 


How did you discover Little Arrow Outdoor Resort?

In October of 2017 Floyd and I stayed for two weeks in our fifth wheel at a Pigeon Forge campground. While there, we decided to commit one day to visiting other campgrounds in the area to see which ones we might consider visiting in the future. We stopped at KOA in Townsend, then went by Tremont Campground. As it happened, that very day Tremont was transitioning to their new ownership and new name: Little Arrow Outdoor Resort.


What made you want to return to Little Arrow?

Well, we have a funny story about that. When we booked our next camping trip we remembered our fun East Tennessee research excursion and decided to make reservations at KOA. When we arrived in Townsend, however, something was different. We had accidentally scheduled our trip at Little Arrow! It was the best mistake we’ve ever made. The friendly and welcoming owners and staff, the setting of the campground amongst the beautiful Smokies, and the proximity to Cade’s Cove are just a few of the many reasons we get so excited every time we pull off of Highway 73 and drive through Little Arrow’s welcoming archway


How many times have you visited Little Arrow?

This October will be our fifth stay! We look forward to our annual visit each Fall when we bring our Shih Tzu, Lola, and spend the entire month at our favorite spot overlooking the Little River. We also make it a point to visit at least once or twice throughout the year when plans permit, and, if we’re traveling even remotely close to Little Arrow, we just have to stop by. 


What is your favorite thing about Little Arrow?

That’s easy!!! The staff at Little Arrow has become family. When we drove up on our second visit we saw a sign on our power hookup box that said “Welcome Home”. We were so touched! And that’s just how we feel: visiting Little Arrow is like going home. 


What should other campers know about Little Arrow?

Little Arrow truly is the best-kept secret in Townsend, aka “the peaceful side of the Smokies”. Their many amenities allow for the novice to the most experienced camper to create memories to last a lifetime.


What is one of your most cherished Little Arrow memories?

We have become such good friends with owners Brad and Carmen Simpher and their family. When it’s time to say goodbye, it’s hard, knowing it may be months before we see them again. In the Fall of 2019, Floyd and I were preparing to leave for home the following morning after our month-long stay at Little Arrow. Brad had stopped by on his golf cart to visit (as he did several times a day every day) and to tell us goodbye. We exchanged hugs and told him we would be pulling out of the campground the next morning around 6:00 AM. Early the next morning as we began making our way out of the campground we noticed Brad sitting at the entrance. We all got out and exchanged one last hug and one last goodbye. Floyd and I were overcome with emotion. It was at that moment we knew we were forever a part of the Little Arrow family. 


Here at Little Arrow, a sense of community comes easy because of our amazing guests like Floyd and Rhonda Coye. We love it when our campers and glampers feel comfortable here and get to know us as well as each other. Come stay with us soon, and experience your own Little Arrow connection!


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