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Meet the Little Arrow Staff! The Simpher Family


Meet the Little Arrow Staff! The Simpher Family


Camping and glamping at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort in Townsend, Tennessee is more than tiny homes, luxury tents, and well-appointed RV spots – it’s about becoming a member of the Little Arrow family. We’re firm believers in a sense of community and lifelong friendships, and it all starts with our owners and staff! We sat down with Brad and Carmen Simpher and their adult children, Brandon and Cassie, to learn more about their family’s adventures since opening Little Arrow in 2018.


Carmen Simpher: CEO, Wife, Mom, and Visionary


What has the Little Arrow journey been like for you?

The journey has been a joyful way to make a living! There has been a lot of pleasure in this new adventure, but it has also been a LOT of work. I know it will pay off in the end by bringing families many happy memories.

Since opening Little Arrow Outdoor Resort, what has turned out differently than you thought it would?

Never did I ever dream that we would build Little Arrow up to what it has become now! It is now a beautiful and magical place compared to what it once was. I also never dreamed that our family would join together in the way that we have, including my sister, Chelly, and brother-in-law, Kevin. God has given each of our family strengths that work together so well! 


Brad Simpher: CFO, Husband, Dad, and Wearer of Many Other Hats


What has the Little Arrow journey been like for you?

Little Arrow has brought me so many new friends! Even though my role as CFO, IT and many other things is difficult at times, there can be pleasure from starting a new venture. 

Have you had any particularly funny, notable, or heartwarming moments with campers at Little Arrow?

I love cooking! There was one night when I was working late, and I came across a guest, Floyd Coye, who was cooking something that smelled amazing. We hit it off right away, talking about cooking and food. Now we have become best friends and talk all the time, and he and his wife Rhonda come back to visit us at Little Arrow a few times a year! 


Cassie Simpher: Director of Marketing & Operations, Daughter, Older Sister, and Overall Sunshine Spreader


What has the Little Arrow journey been like for you?

I have been with Little Arrow since 2019, but I can remember the day when my Mom and Dad told me about their new venture here in Tennessee (we’re originally from Missouri, but have other family here in Tennessee)! Previously, I was working in marketing in Chicago but always wanted to be closer to family. There was a position at an agency in Knoxville that I was pursuing when my family thought that they should bring me onto the team. My time here has blossomed ever since! Currently I run the marketing and operations at Little Arrow, but being a family business, you wear whatever hat is needed is for the day.

What is your “why” when it comes to Little Arrow – why do you do what you do?

I might steal my Mom’s answer when it comes to this question, but as a family we grew up camping and we made lifelong memories! We want to give that same experience and atmosphere to all of our guests here at Little Arrow! I do what I do because I love hearing how much our campers love this place, how they make memories here, and their stories. It’s an emotionally fulfilling job, and it’s FUN! 


Brandon Simpher: Facilities Manager, Son, Younger Brother, and Enthusiastic Mower


What has the Little Arrow journey been like for you?

I was starting my journey as a police officer when my Mom and Dad offered me a job at Little Arrow. I had really enjoyed my time in law enforcement, but since I was a kid my parents had told me to keep your family first. And that saying kept coming to mind every time I thought about taking the job. So, my wife and I moved to Tennessee as well as our son. I’m so thankful for everything that has happened in life, and I owe a thank you to a lot of people – one being my wife for being willing to move to a new state with me to further our career.

Since opening, what has turned out differently than you thought it would?

Since we’ve been open, I’ve been much closer with my family. After my sister got out of high school, she went off to college then got a job in Chicago. I really never got to spend time with her. Now, every day I get to spend time with all of them, and that makes it all worth it.


The Simpher family’s love of camping and dedication to family and friends has made Little Arrow Outdoor Resort more than a vacation spot – it’s a place to call home. Look for future blogs about the other friendly faces you’ll see around the campground, and visit us to make your own memories and become a part of our Little Arrow Family!

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