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Top 10 Decorating Tips for Every Type of RVer


Top 10 Decorating Tips for Every Type of RVer

11.1.22 | Camping 101

When you’re an RVer, life truly is a journey! Whether you make an occasional trek, split your time between the road and home, or have replaced a stationery house with a rolling residence, it’s important to create beautiful and comfortable surroundings as you travel. Read on for ways you can personalize your RV no matter how often you call it home sweet home!


Design Details for Weekend Warriors

If you’re new to RVing or only head out for occasional trips, these suggestions are simple, quick, and won’t break the bank.

  1. Cozy blankets
  2. Colorful rugs
  3. High-quality towels
  4. Cute placemats
  5. Welcome mat
  6. String lights
  7. Lightweight wall decorations
  8. Wire hanging baskets
  9. Decorative hooks
  10. Matching bathroom accessories (soap dish, toothbrush holder, shower curtain)


Savvy Ideas for Part-Timers

Do you enjoy dividing your days between RVing and home? These budget-friendly RV decorating tips will give your RV lifestyle a lift.

  1. Hanging plants (fake or real)
  2. Favorite books
  3. Stick-on task lights
  4. Rod and curtains for windows
  5. Peel-and-stick wallpaper
  6. Battery-powered candles
  7. Festive outdoor decorations
  8. Floating shelves
  9. Decorative adhesive paper for shelves
  10. Colorful paint for walls


Serious Upgrades for Full-Timers

If life on the open road is for you, there’s nothing better than investing in your nest. Try these tricks to add luxury to your home on wheels.

  1. Switch out cabinet hardware
  2. Invest in high thread count sheets
  3. Replace factory mattresses
  4. Paint the outside and the inside of your kitchen cabinets
  5. Remove bedroom cabinet doors and create open shelving
  6. Add peel-and-stick backsplash tiles in kitchen and bathroom
  7. Use decorative square fabric bins for storage
  8. Install vinyl plank flooring
  9. Purchase real furniture to replace built-ins (bolt to floor)
  10. Replace bathroom sink with bowl sink


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