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The Proper Care and Feeding of Your RV


The Proper Care and Feeding of Your RV

9.19.22 | Camping 101


When you’re ready to experience a different kind of freedom on your vacation, there’s nothing like investing in a recreational vehicle. Your “second home” lets you get up close and personal with your favorite travel spots, while letting you take everything with you–including the kitchen sink! Your RV is guaranteed to bring you adventurous fun; treat it well and it will serve you for years. Read on for ways to prolong the life of your RV, and create your own RV maintenance checklist!


Clean As You Go

No matter what class type your RV is, it will last longer (and feel more like home) when you keep it clean. Keep a stash of space-saving supplies on hand such as all-purpose cleaning wipes and a collapsible bucket, and try proactive hacks like seat covers and a boot tray to cut down on dirt. At least once a year, perform a full-on detailing that includes window washing, floor mat cleaning, and seat scrubbing.


Look, Listen, and Smell

Catch minor issues with your RV before they become big problems by keeping your eyes, ears, and nose open. Conduct a pre-travel walk-around to check the exterior of the RV, looking for any leaks or areas in need of repair. Extend slide-outs and run the air conditioner and appliances, listening to make sure they’re running smoothly. Turn on the furnace and inspect your ductwork, paying attention to any unusual odors that may signal a blockage.


Keep All Systems Running

When it comes to maintaining your RV, “use it or lose it” is a good rule to follow. On a monthly basis, run the generator for at least an hour. Keep the battery charged by taking your RV for a 30-minute spin down the interstate, which will also keep the engine lubricated and moisture-free. On pretty days, open the air vents for a few hours to refresh the interior. Keep your RV’s oil changed, and add a fuel preservative to your gas tank if it’s going to be awhile before your next sojourn.

At Little Arrow Outdoor Resort in scenic Townsend, Tennessee, we make sure your RV has its own comfortable spot while you’re exploring the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park. All of our
RV sites come equipped with 50 amp electric pedestals, fire rings, and parking pads, and our River Sites each feature a covered deck.


For a first-class experience, try our Luxury RV Sites that will hold one to two RVs–perfect for a Class A Type motorhome, or two buddy RVs. Our decked-out, pull-through sites include a covered pavilion with comfortable seating, a picnic table, two full hookups, an outdoor sink with counter space, parking pads with landscaping, and a fire pit. Whichever option you choose, we look forward to helping you create unforgettable RV memories. Come see us soon!

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