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The ABCs of RVs


The ABCs of RVs

4.13.21 | Camping 101


Curious about the world of recreational vehicles? Already an RVer and thinking of upgrading? Look no further! Check out our easy guide to the different class types of towable and motorized RVs.


Towable Rigs

Great options for upgrading your camping experience, most trailers are easy to transport and offer the advantage of the tow vehicle doubling as a means of transportation once you’ve reached your destination.

  • Pop-Up: A breeze to store, haul, and set up, a Pop-Up Camper (also known as a Folding Trailer) is a comfortable alternative to a tent, offering an open-air experience with extra living space and two sleeping areas.
    • Size: 8 feet to 16 feet
  • Travel Trailer: Offering camping options with a vintage vibe, travel trailers come in myriad sizes from the tiny Teardrop to the most famous of this class type: the iconic Airstream. (Psssst… Little Arrow has two you can stay in!)
    • Size: 10 feet to 40 feet
  • Fifth Wheel: The granddaddy of towables, the fifth wheel features the same space and benefits as the largest motorized RV model, but is towed by a truck with a specially fitted hitching mechanism. 
    • Size: 22 to 40 feet



Travel in comfort with a roomy living area that is accessible whether you’re parked or on the move. A quirky note: Class C is larger than B!

  • Class B: Also called Camper Vans, the smallest and least expensive to own and operate Class Bs are perfect for shorter trips and can double as a second family car when not traveling.
    • Size: 17 to 23 feet
  • Class C: Built on a regular truck chassis, the mid-sized Class C is an easy-to-drive, fuel-efficient option for campers who want amenities such as a separate bathroom and slide outs for extra space.
    • Size: 20 to 30 feet
  • Class A: Widely known for use as tour buses, the largest-sized Class A offers all the comforts of home and can be basic or loaded with special features such as a washer and dryer – and a garage for a car!
    • Size: 26 to 45 feet


Whichever you choose, go RVing at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort! We welcome all class types with 76 full hookup sites either on or with easy access to the Little River. And coming May 14th, be sure to check out our new Luxury RV Motorcoach sites! These roomy pull-throughs are buddy-equipped with twin hookups. Aren’t you excited to go RVing?

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