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12.21.18 | Accommodations
Glamping tent at Little Arrow Campground

By now you’ve most likely heard about Glamping, especially if you’ve stayed here with us at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort. So what is this new fad exactly and how is it different from regular camping?


Glamping: shorthand for glamorous camping; also defined as luxurious camping.


We like to bring that luxury into the outdoors not only within all of our accommodations, but also in the grounds, bath houses, and details throughout all of the resort. Here is a look at our Glamping Tents:

We offer both Luxury and Primitive Glamping accommodations. The Luxury Glamping Tents offer a bathroom, whereas the Primitive Glamping Tents do not. 

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Let’s explore the differences between camping and glamping:


Sleeping Arrangements

Traditional camping usually involves a sleeping bag on the ground, whereas glamping has a little more cozy and homey vibe with typically a comfortable queen bed. 



Tent camping includes bringing your own tent and setting it up yourself, glamping involves a little more security from our furry wildlife friends with electricity and sometimes AC and heat. 



Glamping at Little Arrow includes the option of having an economy kitchen with all the pots, pans, and tools you could need. Traditional camping cooking is not quite as glamorous, you’re usually bringing your own tools and cooking over an open fire. 


Some still prefer the ruggedness of traditional camping while others love the upgrade of rest and recreation that glamping in the Smokies brings. Whatever your preference, we have both options of glamping and camping available at Little Arrow! If you’ve done the traditional camping, it might be time to give something new a try!


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