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Lift Your Spirits with a Smoky Mountain Winter Walk


Lift Your Spirits with a Smoky Mountain Winter Walk

12.16.22 | Things To Do

Do you feel blue during the winter? If so, you’re not alone. After the busy holiday rush, many of us are affected by the shorter days, lack of sunlight, and colder temperatures of the season. Symptoms can range from a mild, “meh” feeling, to the more disruptive signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) such as weight gain, fatigue, and oversleeping. Studies have shown that walking as an exercise can help us get through the dark days of winter. And taking your trek outside provides even more of a health boost!


Walking – the Underrated Exercise

Today, we’re surrounded with ways to improve our health. Local gyms feature group fitness classes and every type of equipment imaginable. Online workouts are at our fingertips on televisions, phones, or computers. But there is another, fantastic option that needs no subscription, monthly contract, or internet connection: walking.

No matter your age, your fitness level, or how coordinated you are (or aren’t), for most of us, walking is an accessible form of exercise. And it’s customizable—you can walk slowly to recover from an injury, or motor through a power hike to burn off steam. Walking can even be used as a form of active meditation. No matter how you choose to move, walking gives your brain a break, and your mental health a boost.


The Benefits of Cold Weather Walking

When the temperatures get cold, being indoors for long periods of time can be hard on our bodies. Walking in the natural humidity of the outdoors refreshes our lungs, nasal passages, and skin. Sunlight (even filtered) gives us a depression-fighting dose of Vitamin D, chilled air literally “wakes up” our minds and bodies with a positive type of stress, and navigating different outdoor surfaces helps support good balance and posture. Best of all, we hear, see, and smell the magic of Mother Nature without her less-desirable traits of season allergies and insect bites. 


Smoky Mountain Winter Walks

Call us biased, but here at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort in scenic Townsend, Tennessee, we think there’s no better place for winter weather walking than the Great Smoky Mountains. Try these trails to get away from it all and enjoy a therapeutic nature retreat:

  • Porter’s Creek Trail: The flat, 4-mile Porter’s Creek Trail is perfect for a relaxing winter sojourn. Explore early Appalachian structures, and enjoy the beautiful Fern Branch waterfall.
  • Laurel Falls Trail: The paved, 2.6-mile Laurel Falls trail begins at Sugarland Visitors Center, and leads to the rushing 80-foot waterfall that is breathtaking in the wintertime.
  • Metcalf Bottoms Trail: On this 4.2-mile trail that’s easy for all skill levels, your mind will wander back to quieter times as you explore the century-old Little Greenbrier School found along the Metcalf Bottoms Trail.
  • Little Arrow Outdoor Resort Hiking Trails: You don’t have to leave our resort to experience a tranquil winter walk. At Little Arrow, guests enjoy panoramic mountain views on our very own dog-friendly hiking trails that feature varying levels of difficulty.


Get Outside and Fend Off the Winter Blahs

Although there are plenty of warm indoor activities to keep you busy during wintertime at Little Arrow, getting outside to exercise will sustain your mind, body, and spirit. And your RV, Tiny Home, Cabin, or Vacation Home will feel even cozier after you’ve ventured outdoors for your rejuvenating cold weather walk!


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