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Great Hiking Trails Near Little Arrow Outdoor Resort


Great Hiking Trails Near Little Arrow Outdoor Resort

8.20.19 | Things To Do


You’ve come to stay with us and take in the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. Now it’s time to go exploring and what better way to explore than go on a hike? Luckily for you, we are near some really great hiking trails! We have ranked our favorite nearby trails from the least to the most difficult.

Here they are:

  1. Spruce Flat Falls
    • This trail is so great because it is easy, comes with some great views of the mountains and a waterfall at the end! 
    • Length: Just under 2 miles round-trip
    • Click here for directions
  2. Schoolhouse Gap
    • A nice, quiet hike through the forest is one of the best way to explore the Smokies. This trail features beautiful wildflowers through every season.
    • Length: Just under 4 miles round-trip
    • Click here for directions 
  3. West Prong Trail
    • This trail is a bit more moderate in difficult due to a steady climb for the first mile. The first part of the hike starts off peaceful and quiet but then begins descending, and the rush of the stream in the valley below becomes progressively louder. 
    • Length: 5 miles round-trip
    • Click here for directions
  4. Abrams Falls
    • A little more difficult, the Abrams Falls trails was mentioned in the October 2008 issue of Backpacker Magazine as one of the top 10 most dangerous hikes in America. The list was developed using casualty statistics as a result of lightning, altitude sickness, extreme weather and drowning, among several other measures. However, it is arguably one of the most scenic forest hikes in the Smokies. The waterfall and scenic hike is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, Abrams Falls is the most voluminous waterfall in the park.
    • Length: Just over 5 miles round-trip
    • Click here for directions
  5. Spence Field (via Lead Cove Trail)
    • Enjoy a picnic when you hike to stunning views! If visibility is good, you’ll have some absolutely outstanding views of the North Carolina side of the Smokies. If you go in June, you’ll witness one of the most spectacular displays of mountain laurel found just about anywhere. The hillsides and meadows will literally be covered in the soft pink and white flowers from this heath family shrub.
    • Length: Almost 10 miles round-trip
    • Click here for directions
  6. Rocky Top / Thunderhead Mountain
    • A continuation of the Spence Field hike mentioned above, this is the same Rocky Top that inspired Felice and Boudleaux Bryant to write the famous lyrics that are now the fight song for the University of Tennessee, as well as one of the official state songs for the State of Tennessee. Definitely a trail to check out, the views will not disappoint. 
    • Length: Almost 14 miles round-trip
    • Click here for directions


While you’re visiting us, don’t forget to do hike to Little Arrow Mountain! We have a hiking trail on site that is only 0.3 miles and starts on Parkline Way just up road from our dog park. It features a beautiful view overlooking Townsend.

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Send us your pictures from your hike to be featured on our social media channels! And as always, be safe and take precautions before you go on any hike in the Smokies.

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