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2020 Event Schedule

Little Arrow Outdoor Resort’s Fun Activities for 2020!


September Events


  • September 25th – 26th: Blue Ribbon Country Fair & Townsend Heritage Fall Festival
    • What: The Fall Festival and Old Timers day at the Townsend Visitors Center celebrates the traditional music, crafts, Appalachian skills, and heritage of Townsend, East Tennessee, and the Great Smoky Mountains. Featured activities are bluegrass music concerts, clogging, jam sessions on the porch, demonstrations of cornmeal making, blacksmithing, apple butter, basketry, weaving, spinning, and quilting.  Arts and crafts booths include woodworking, pottery, jewelry, hand-sewing, and painting.  There is an antique tractor show and guest storytellers share tales of the mountains.
    • Where: Townsend Visitors Center
    • Cost: Parking is $10/day or catch the FREE shuttle



October Events


  • October 3rd: Craft Class by Smoky Mtn. Livin’
    • What: Take home a unique and one-of-a-kind wood stand craft!
    • Where: Club House at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort
    • Time: 7:30pm
    • Cost: $25/person. Sign up here!


  • October 10th: Chili Cook-Off
    • What: Do you think you have the best chili recipe? Well get ready to put it to the test! We will have some spicy prizes for the top chili recipe!
    • Where: Little Arrow Outdoor Resort
    • Cost: Free for guests only


  • October 24th: Trick-or-Treating Monster Mash
    • What: Trick-or-Treat throughout the campground and wear your best costume!
    • Where: Little Arrow Outdoor Resort
    • Cost: Free for guests only


  • October 30th – 31st: Halloween Bash
    • What: Our Halloween Bash is back again! Featuring, pumpkin carving, camper decorating, best costume, trick-or-treating, and a dance party! Don’t miss this fun event!
    • Where: Little Arrow Outdoor Resort
    • Cost: Free for guests only


November Events


  • November 6th – 7th: Grains & Grits
    • What: The Townsend Grains and Grits Festival is a festival of southern spirits and gourmet grub.  We have created a unique opportunity for you to experience our thriving craft spirits and gourmet food community, while discovering some oft he region’s legendary distillers and blenders, taking place in the Peaceful Side of the Smokies.
    • Where:
      • Friday Night: VIP Party at Little Arrow for distillers only
      • Saturday: Grains & Grits Festival at Townsend Visitor’s Center
    • Cost: Tickets $65-$75


  • November 8th: Cades Cove Loop Lope
    • What: The Friends of the Smokies puts on the only footrace (5K and 10K) that is allowed to happen in the National Park, and Cades Cove no less! Come experience the splendor of Cades Cove while raising funds to protect it for future generations!
    • Where: Cades Cove
    • Cost: $75


  • November 13th & 14th: Great Smoky Mountain Food Truck Festival
    • What: Feast on this! Little Arrow Outdoor Resort is hosting the 2020 Great Smoky Mountain Food Truck Festival on November 13th and 14th! Featuring the best food trucks in East Tennessee all in one place! The Great Smoky Mountain Food Truck Festival is a unique, family friendly, culinary event for all ages.
    • Where: Little Arrow Outdoor Resort
      Cost: VIP Tickets for Friday are $65 each, Saturday tickets are $5 each


  • November 26th: Campsgiving
    • What: Every year at lunch for Thanksgiving, we make the turkey, and you bring the sides! This annual event is a great time to gather around the campground and be thankful!
    • Where: Little Arrow Outdoor Resort for lunch
    • Cost: Free for guests only, we just ask that you bring a side!


December Events


  • December 6th: Townsend Christmas Parade
    • What: Christmas time in Townsend! Come down to the parkway for a fun parade! Line up is at 1 p.m. with the parade beginning at 2:30 p.m.
    • Where: Townsend, TN
    • Cost: Free 


  • TBD: Tis the Season of Touring Townsend


  • December 31st: New Year’s Eve Party
    • What: Count down the New Year with us! Details are TBD!
    • Where: Little Arrow Outdoor Resort
    • Cost: Free for guests only




September 25, 2020 to September 2, 2021

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